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About Audio Cables

Audio cables are available from guitarguitar. We keep a vast selection in stock to use in a wide variety of situations. We understand the needs of modern musicians who may be bringing much more than just a guitar to their next rehearsal or gig. Our extensive range of audio cables will help DJs, keys players and laptop musicians get up and running.

We have carefully selected the brands and models we stock in order to ensure you get the choice of the best. That means the best sound quality, the best signal quality, the least signal loss and the most robust cable sleeving.

We keep audio cables by Klotz, TOURTECH, Roland and more. Browse our full collection online or visit us in-store.

Frequently Asked Questions about Audio Cables

TOURTECH and Klotz are our most popular brands.
Every store keeps stock of a wide selection. Our digital departments in Glasgow and Epsom hold the greatest selection of more specialized cables. Everything we sell is available here on the site too and can be delivered!
Good question! Here is the truth. If you use a poor quality cable, you will lose signal strength and therefore sound quality will go down. Switching to a better quality cable will win back what you've previously lost, making you sound better. BUT! This is important: cables cannot add quality to your sound. At best, they will be so transparent that you'll lose nothing of your tone. In other words, if you already sound great, a good quality cable will preserve that. If you have a mediocre or bad sound to begin with, no cable on earth will turn it into a great or even good sound. Tone is subjective of course, so definitions of what sounds good or bad are all in the eye of the beholder. One thing is indisputable, though: it is always worth using the best quality cable you can afford.