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About Patch Cables

Patch cables are an important and essential ingredient in creating great tone. We believe that having good quality connections to your pedals is as important as the pedals themselves. Patch cables are small (normally 1/4" jack to jack) cables, between 6 inches and a foot long, which are used to hook up chains of pedals. The length and quality of patch cables used on a pedal board can determine the sound quality and noise level of your entire rig.

We sell a wide range of patch cables at guitarguitar. They are available from a large number of manufacturers and are sold both individually and in packs. They normally have right-angled jack ends to maximize flexibility and space on the pedal board.

Here at guitarguitar, we have been building and selling pedal boards since we began trading. We are well versed in the ways of the patch cable and have carefully selected our stock to reflect this.

Frequently Asked Questions about Patch Cables

We currently stock the following brands: Planet Waves, TOURTECH, Hosa, Fender, Klotz, Roland, MXR, Ernie Ball, Xotic, Fulltone and BOSS.
The smallest one we have isn't even technically a cable! Check out the Planet Waves PW-P047A inline adapter: it's basically two 1/4" jacks with no cable length in between! This is perfect for tight spaces on pedal boards.
Yes we do! We offer two different kits: the BCK-12 kit by BOSS and the PW-GPKIT-10 kit by Planet Waves. Each kit allows you to create multiple patch cables of exactly the right size for your needs.