Speaker Cables

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About Speaker Cables

Speaker Cables are special cables used for connecting amp heads to speaker cabinets. They need to be thicker physically than regular instrument cables in order to adequately handle the much greater voltages that pass through them.

The wires inside speaker cables are thick copper. The shorter and thicker the wire, the lower its resistance, which results in better performance.

For guitar amps, a speaker cable normally employs a standard 1/4" jack cable. For bass, it is common to see cables with 'speakon' connectors which lock the cable in place.

We carry a range of guitar speaker cables in each of our guitarguitar stores. Our entire selection of guitar amp speaker cables are also available online. We keep cables by multiple brands and in multiple lengths.

Why Should I Choose a Speaker Cable?

  • Guitar Amp Speaker Cables Offer Better Performance
  • Enhance Your Sound
  • An Essential Component of Music Making
  • Improve Your Signal Quality
  • Made from Robust Materials

Frequently Asked Questions about Speaker Cables

Question: What cable is best for speakers?
The best speaker cable depends on your particular needs and the environment your're playing in. You need to make sure the dimensions of the cable are going to suit you, if you're in the bedroom or studio then a shorter cable will likely suffice, but longer cables will give you more flexibility on stage. In terms of quality and components 100% copper wire cable will give you the best sound.
Question: What is the bestselling speaker cable at guitarguitar?
Our best selling jack to jack speaker cable is the Klotz SC1PP01SW.
Question: Can I use a normal instrument cable for connecting my amp head to my speaker cabinet?
No. This is a very bad idea so please don't do it, even if you find that you get a signal. Instrument cables are just not designed for the load of voltage that has to pass along a speaker cable. It's asking for trouble of the most dangerous kind so please heed our words and just use a proper speaker cable for the job it was intended for.
Question: Why do bass stacks often use Speakon connections with their speaker cables?
Bass amp stacks of the past often suffered the indignity of the speaker cables being shaken loose from the cabs due to the excessive vibrations of loud bass frequencies produced by the rig itself! This presented a rather obvious problem for bassists wishing to play an uninterrupted set! Speakon connectors were developed in order to lock into place and provide a firm, unshakable hold, keeping the cables in place.
Question: What cables do PA speakers use?
PA speakers can be connected using Speakon cables, 6.3mm jacks and XLR connectors.
Question: What cable do I need for active speakers?
Signal cables are required for active speakers.