Schecter Nick Johnston

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About Schecter Nick Johnston

Schecter have been in the game since the 1970s and in that time they have established themselves as a maker of high quality and well playing instruments. They have collaborated with numerous musicians over the years in order to create a number of desirable signature instruments. Producing a guitar in line with a musician's preferences and accumulated playing knowledge has long been a recipe for success. Feedback can be received firsthand in order to bring a unique and high class instrument to life. That is what Schecter have done with the Nick Johnston signature model.

Nick has released many albums over the course of his career and has toured all over the world. His unique brand of instrumental rock has won him a wide reaching and solid fan base. Having clocked an immeasurable amount of time playing, it is safe to say that he knows what to look for in a guitar. Through his collaboration with Schecter, an incredibly amazing signature instrument has been brought into existence. The Traditional is an S style guitar that draws on inspiration from a classic model but brings it into the 21st century.

The use of impressive hardware and quality woods come together to make this special instrument. It is available in both an HSS and SSS pickup configuration. A selection of classic car style colours are available, bringing to mind the style of the 50s. These are incredibly well playing guitars and you can see why Nick chose these instruments to be his companion through his musical journey.

Why Should I Choose Schecter Nick Johnston?

  • They are professional level guitars
  • Incredibly versatile due to the pickups used
  • They have a familiar feel while offering the very best in specifications

Frequently Asked Questions about Schecter Nick Johnston

Question: Do you have to be as good as Nick Johnston to use these?
Well made guitars are a great asset to any player, regardless of their level of ability. The pro level construction will however help you play your very best. If you can pull off all the licks that Nick does, you can do so with increased comfort and clarity.
Question: Should I choose the humbucker or single coil option for the bridge pickup?
This is really down to what suits you best. A humbucker is great for those bigger, thick rock tones. A single coil produces more of a classic chime. Whichever you choose, they are both capable of a wide array of tonal excellence.
Question: Can I get the Nick Johnston sound with this?
It is certainly a great place to start. Nick uses his guitar along with some boutique amps and a selection of effects pedals, so maybe have a look at these if you want to go all-in on his distinctive sound.