Schecter C-1

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About the Schecter C-1

The Schecter C-1 is one of the company's signature body shapes. Similar to an S-type from the front, the C-1 has a chunky body, generally made from Mahogany. The top has a carved arch and is often a cap made from figured Maple, though not always.

The C-1 can be seen throughout a great many Schecter ranges from the Custom and Platinum ranges through to the famous Hellraiser range. The C-1 is a tasteful mixture of tradition and modernity that serves as a useful 'blank canvas' to Schecter's design team to build around. The C-1 has also served as a blueprint for other Schecter ranges like key guitars from the Omen, Demon and Damien ranges.

Such is the ubiquity of Schecter's C-1 guitar, you will almost certianly find a great selection of them at each of our UK based guitarguitar stores. Find your favourite and try it out in one of our soundproof booths or simply click through our website to buy and have it delivered straight to you!

Frequently Asked Questions about Schecter C-1

Question: What is the most affordable Schecter C-1 model?
The most affordable Schecter with the C-1 body shape is in fact called the C-6! It is available in a large variety of finishes and is particularly good value.
Question: What does the 'C' in the name stand for?
The 'C' stands for Classic and is the name of the equivalent model from the Schecter Custom Shop in California.
Question: Do Schecter C-1 guitars have bolted-on or set necks?
Schecter C-1 guitars are made with both bolted on and set necks. That being said, the majority of them use bolt-on construction. An example of a set neck C-1 is the Schecter C-1 Custom.
Question: Can I get 7 or 8 string C-1 Schecter guitars?
Yes you can, though the name usually changes to C-7 or C-8 for these models. They are available throughout a number of the different Schecter ranges with lots of options regarding specs and finishes.
Question: I want a C-1 guitar with active pickups and lots of binding and other bits of ornamentation as well as a Floyd Rose tremolo: which model or models should I be looking at?
It sounds to us ike you want to be looking at a Hellraiser C-1 FR model. It is exactly what you are asking for! We would also recommend checking out the Hellraiser Hybrid C-1 FR and, for something a little different, the C-1 FR Apocalypse.