Schecter 8 String Guitars

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About Schecter 8 String Guitars

Schecter 8 string guitars are popular with fans of extended range instruments. Metal players and other cutting edge musicians choose these guitars to write, record and tour with. Schecter offer 8 string guitars at various price points. Most styles use a double cutaway Superstrat body. Hardware varies from model to model but all are designed with heavy riffing and soloing in mind.

We are one of the UK's biggest authorised Schecter dealers. We keep a large selection of guitars in store to try.

Frequently Asked Questions about Schecter 8 String Guitars

Question: What finishes is the Schecter Omen 8 available in?
The Schecter Omen 8 is available in three finishes: Walnut Satin, Gloss Black and Vintage White
Question: What are the extra strings on an 8 string guitar tuned to?
An 8 string guitar has two extra lower strings and these are normally tuned to B (like a 7 string) and F#.