Schecter Keith Merrow

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About Schecter Keith Merrow

Keith Merrow is a multi-skilled guitarist from Portland, USA. His career has seen him take the role of songwriter, engineer, producer, gear demonstrator and teacher. First and foremost though, he knows how to shred and bring the heavy riffs. In conjunction with Schecter, a wide selection of signature models have been produced. Schecter has demonstrated time after time that they are one of the best manufactures of high grade guitars, so it is no surprise that Keith teamed up with them in order to bring these models to life.

A selection of 6 string and 7 string models are available, each with their own unique style. Left handed players haven't been left out as there is also a selection of models catering to those players. The majority of the guitars feature a hardtail bridge which is a great choice for those who favour tuning stability over tremolo possibilities. Keith does play some very aggressive style riffs so it makes perfect sense that he would choose to have the strings firmly held in place.

A variety of pickups have been used on different models but each choice is great for capturing fast metal riffs. Seymour Duncan and Fishman pickups have been selected due to their ability to showcase this style of playing with precision and great articulation. This is definitely a range of guitars for those who like the heavier side of music. Built for high performance, they are ideal for the performing musician who needs a reliable guitar to keep up with their playing.

Why Should I Choose Schecter Keith Merrow?

  • Designed with the metal player in mind
  • High quality hardware throughout the entire range
  • A choice of 6 or 7 string models

Frequently Asked Questions about Schecter Keith Merrow

Question: What gauge of strings should I use for the 7 string model?
The 7 string guitars come fitted with the following gauge of strings .009/.011/.016/.026/.036/.046/.062. These are standard and tend to suit the majority of players.
Question: Who has Keith Merrow played with?
While Keith does a lot of solo performances he has also collaborated with the likes of Jeff Loomis, Alex Webster and Alex Rudinger in their band Conquering Dystopia.
Question: Are these good for shredding?
Due to their quality construction and impressive hardware, these guitars are well equipped to keep up with the fastest of players.