Schecter 7 String Guitars

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About Schecter 7 String Guitars

Schecter 7 string electric guitars form a significant part of the 'extended range' market. A huge amount of these are available in a wide variety of shapes and specs. Schecter were one of the first mainstream brands to mass produce 7 string guitars. They have been a market leader for two decades. Guitars such as the Demon 7 and the Hellraiser 7 are among the most popular 7 string models available.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Schecter 7 String Guitars

The most popular overall is the Demon 7 FR model in Crimson Red Burst.
Schecter use their own design HB-105S pickups. These are active units and are particularly good at producing high gain sounds with low levels of background hiss.
Diamond Series is essentially every Schecter guitar that is not a US-made guitar. The Series started in the late 90s as a term to differentiate the imported guitars from the American guitars. These days, the majority of Schecter guitars sold are Diamond Series models.