Schecter Solo

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Schecter Solo

The Schecter Solo is a single cutaway electric guitar. The design appears in many different Schecter guitar ranges. It is a distinctive design with a classic single cut look.

Schecter Solo models can, depending on the series, contain a wide range of different hardware and specification features. This include pickup types, bridge variations and different technology. It also includes aesthetic variations in decoration and finish.

The Schecter Solo typically has a 24.75" scale length but there are some exceptions. Models include the Solo II and the Schecter Solo II custom.


Why Should I Choose a Schecter Solo Guitar?

  • A Classic Design with a Metal Edge
  • Great Pickups
  • Sleek Finishes
  • Incredible Sound and Playability

Frequently Asked Questions about Schecter Solo

Question: Do the Schecter Solo-II and Solo 6 guitars have set necks?
Yes! Though there are a large number of Solo models out there, most Schecter Solo guitars have set neck construction.
Question: Which Schecter Solo models have EMG pickups?
The Schecter Solo-II Platinum is a current model which features active EMG pickups.