Schecter C-7

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About Schecter C-7

The Schecter C-7 models are a fine selection of 7 string guitars, created with the needs of the modern musician in mind. Schecter has been crafting high quality instruments since the 1970s and continues to break new ground with their innovative designs. They have been the brand of choice for world famous bands such as Disturbed, Cradle of Filth and Papa Roach. Often favoured by musicians from the metal community, they have definitely established themselves as one of the top guitar companies around.

A number of the classic Schecter models can be found in this range, including the Hellraiser and the Pro. Some features vary depending on the individual guitar, such as the pickups and the bridge. One thing consistent throughout is the high level of quality that Schecter infuses into all of their instruments. This makes them ideal for any player looking for an instrument that will perform to a high standard. You can easily see why they have been chosen as the main guitar of so many working musicians.

A wide selection of finish choices can be found, ranging from an elegant Aurora Burst to the intriguing Silver Mountain. They do justice to the timeless classics but put their own spin on things. This helps to give Schecter their own unique style and allows them to stand out in a market filled with other choices.

Why Should I Choose Schecter C-7?

  • Impressive attention to detail throughout the entire range
  • High quality hardware chosen to suit the individual instrument
  • Reliable and roadworthy

Frequently Asked Questions about Schecter C-7

No, you can still use the same amp. Due to 7 string guitars being used mostly for metal, an amp with high gain would be a great companion for any guitar from the C-7 range.
With modern music pushing more boundaries than ever, many guitarists are keen to experiment with alternative tunings. When it comes to down tuning, a standard 6 string guitar may not play well in A or B. A 7 string allows you to have that option while still having the familiar upper range offered from a standard 6 string tuning.
While Schecter does tend to be the choice of many guitarists who play heavy music, they are not limited to that world. They are versatile and could even be a great alternative to a baritone guitar, commonly used in country music.