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About Presonus Portable Recorders

The Faderport USB and Faderport 8 control surfaces offer compatibility with virtually any DAW (including Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic, Ableton Live and Presonus' own Studio One). Both feature touch sensitive motorized faders as well as other transport, mix and record controls. The Faderport 8 also offers more in depth control over your DAW, as well as digital scribble strip displays for each of the 8 faders.

The CS18AI is a control surface designed specifically for use with the Presonus Studio One recording software, offering full control over the DAW via it's extensive transport and tracking controls and the 18 touch sensitive motorised faders. The CS18AI also features a large scribble strip display for a detailed representation of changes to EQ, compression and other processes. Not only is the CS18AI fully compatible with Studio One, but it can also be used as a controller for the Presonus RM16AI and RM32AI rackmount mixers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Presonus Portable Recorders

Question: How do I set up a Faderport with my DAW?
A Faderport will connect to your computer via USB. Make sure you download the correct drivers for the Faderport. There will be detailed instructions for the full set up in the box. You will then need to enter the Devices settings in your DAW's preferences panel and select the Faderport. Make sure you activate both the MIDI inputs and outputs within the Faderport details.