Gretsch Resonators

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About Gretsch Resonators

Gretsch resonator guitars are carefully designed and built to offer slide players a look, feel and sound that is full of tradition. Gretsch's resonator models can feature steel, brass and wood bodies. The resonator cones all conform to vintage designs and are made of hand-spun aluminium.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gretsch Resonators

Question: Are resonator guitars still acoustic guitars?
Yes, they still function in an acoustic manner. However, they sound different and are not interchangeable with acoustic guitars. Many resonator models also have built-in magnetic pickups, normally in the neck position. This will deliver a sound that is more like an electric guitar than an acoustic.
Question: Why do some Gretsch resonators have large square necks?
Lots of resonator players sit their guitars flat on their laps to play with a slide. Doing things this way renders the profile of the neck useless. In this case, the neck is often made large and square for stability and strength as it is now just something to lay down and lean over. You can still play in this manner using a regular 'round neck' resonator if you want the best of both worlds.