Gibson Custom Shop Left Handed Guitars

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About Gibson Custom Shop Left Handed Guitars

Gibson Custom Shop make a large selection of their guitars available to left handed players. Reissue SGs, VOS finished 1958 Les Pauls and more unusual offerings abound.

At guitarguitar, we have made a commitment to stocking as many left handed guitars as is possible, including left handed acoustics and high end models from the Gibson Custom Shop. Since we are authorised Gibson Custom Shop dealers, we have access to the greatest Gibson guitars. We have a selection of lefty Custom Shop Gibsons that is unrivaled in the UK. Pay us a visit to see for yourself or buy online and have your dream Gibson delivered to you!

Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson Custom Shop Left Handed Guitars

Question: What types of guitar do the Gibson Custom Shop offer as left handed models?
Gibson's Custom Shop offer many left handed versions of both famous and unusual models. Most of the output from the Custom Shop is limited runs and therefore the choice is always fresh and rare! Keep an eye on our website for news and details of forthcoming runs of left handed guitars. Better still, sign up for our email newsletters and be the first to know!