Strymon Reverb & Delay Pedals

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About Strymon Reverb & Delay Pedals

Strymon Reverb and Delay Pedals are perhaps this acclaimed company's most revered area of expertise. Strymon use extensive DSP (Digital Signal Processing) in their more advanced pedals. This allows them to offer effects that are studio quality and very malleable. For these reasons, they have found their effects pedals ending up on many pedal boards.

Strymon offer digital and tape style delays. Their reverbs are available in different levels of complexity and pedal size. They sometimes have extra FX joining them (the Flint pedal has both Reverb and Tremolo) depending on the intended application.

Strymon have become the go-to choice for professional musicians looking for superior effects.

As a major authorised UK Strymon dealer, we keep a large number of their high quality effects in stock. Try one out in one of our soundproof booths or simply browse the full collection online.


Why Should I Choose a Strymon Reverb or Delay Pedal?

  • Wide Range of Options
  • Versatile
  • Incredible Utility
  • User Friendly

Frequently Asked Questions about Strymon Reverb & Delay Pedals

Question: What are all of the Strymon Reverb pedals?
Strymon offer three reverb pedals currently: Big Sky (most powerful), Blue Sky (more compact than Big Sky, huge amount of power) and Flint (tremolo & reverb).
Question: What are all of the Strymon delay pedals?
Strymon currently offer five delay models: Timeline (most powerful unit), Dig (digital Delay), Deco (Double-tracker), El Capistan (tape echo) and Brigadier (bucket brigade analog-style delay).