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About EVH Amps

EVH amps are used throughout the world by players requiring the greatest high gain sounds on the planet. The 5150 signature roar is something that every rock and metal player covets. Whether you want to capture some of the world-famous Eddie Van Halen signature 'Brown' sound, or dial in your own brand of tone, EVH amps will have plenty to satisfy you. These valve amps (apart from the tiny micro amp of course!) are available in both head and combo form and Eddie pays as much attention to the build of the cabinets as he does to the three amp channel, valve choice and EQ tone stack.

If you want an exceptional high gain sound, it makes sense to go to the guy who invented that sound in the first place! No one in guitar history has had such an influential guitar sound as Eddie Van Halen and now you can buy the EXACT same amps that he uses both in the studio and night after night on tour. Try one out at your local guitarguitar UK store or buy directly from our website. When it comes to tone, think EVH: when it comes to EVH, think guitarguitar.

Frequently Asked Questions about EVH Amps

Question: What does the name 5150 mean?
5150 is one of those police codes used in LA for using during radio conversations. 5150 means the 'temporary, involuntary psychiatric commitment of individuals who present a danger to themselves or others due to signs of mental illness'. Quite appropriate when you consider the antics of early 80s Van Halen! It is also the name of Eddie's studio and also a Van Halen album from 1986. As a handy footnote, rockers across the world have agreed that it is pronounced 'fifty one fifty', rther than any other interpretation.
Question: The 5150 is a Mark III: who made the previous 5150 amps?
This goes back to the 90s when Ed was with Peavey. They made the original 5150 amps for him back in 1992 with the 5150II a few years later. Ed left Peavey in 2004 and Peavey changed the name of their amp to the 6505.
Question: What difference does the EL34 valves make to the 5150 EL34 amps?
The standard 5150 amps have 6L6 power tubes. The 5150 EL34 amps swap these for EL34 tubes. The difference in tone is most obvious in channels 1 and 2: channel 1 is perhaps the best clean sound yet attained from a 5150 amp. Channel 2 has noticeably less gain, actually making it more versatile. Channel 3 is as brutal as ever but with an extra mid-thump.
Question: What type of speakers are used in EVH amps and cabinets?
EVH use special design Celestion speakers in both their combos and their speaker cabs. These have been thoroughly tested out by Eddie - he switched them on, got the amp to feedback and then left it literally for a month - to ensure longevity. These speakers cannot be bought anywhere else.