EVH 5150 Iconic 80W Head Black

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EVH 5150 Iconic 80W Head Black

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Manufacturer's ID: 2257406010

What we say:

At A Glance:

The EVH 5150 Iconic 80W Head is not only iconic in name! It brings that fabled EVH high gain tone into a more affordable price point and somehow manages to pack in some extra features too. This next chapter in the 5150 amplifier series will be a huge asset to gigging and recording guitarists across a number of genres. Although it nails the high gain sounds, this is amp is no one trick pony and has a lot more to offer!

Features We Love:

2 Channels of Excellent Tone!

Let's not kid ourselves, most guitarists will be attracted to this amp for its excellent high gain channel that produces that classic EVH sound that we all know and love. Something to keep in mind though is that it also has an excellent clean channel with a lot of character. The Overdrive switch gives the Clean channel some added grit when needed while the Burn switch takes the Lead channel into crazy crunch territory!

Built-in Noise Gate

Channel Two comes fitted with a built-in noise gate! A must-have for when you are turning up the gain, this keeps your riffs sounding precise without the inevitable noise and feedback that can follow.

Great for Stage or Studio!

While the 80 watts of power is more than enough for the majority of live situations, the Speaker Emulated XLR out allows for even more options! This can be connected to a PA system or used for direct recording while still keeping that essential tube sound characteristic.


  • Classic high gain EVH tone
  • Also has a very good Clean channel
  • Ideal for gigging and recording

What's Included:

  • EVH 5150 Iconic 80W Head Black


Channels Two - Clean/Overdrive and Lead/Burn
Connection Type 1/4"
Control Panel Channel 1: Gain w/ Overdrive Switch; Channel 2: Gain w/ Burn Switch; Noise Gate (Channel 2)
Shared Low, Mid, High EQ; Channel 1/Channel 2 Volume; Master Boost; Global Reverb, Resonance and Presence
Effects Reverb
Line Out Two - (One XLR and One 1/4")
Wattage 80 Watts
Total Impedance 4, 8, or 16 ohms
Tubes 4 x JJ 6L6 Power Tubes, 2 x JJ ECC83S (12AX7) Preamp Tubes
Accessories 2-Button Footswitch Included