EVH 5150

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About EVH 5150

The EVH 5150 range of amps is designed to give you the ultimate hard rock and metal tone. From the mind, ears and hands of Eddie Van Halen himself, the EVH 5150 range of amps cover the ground from small 15 watt 'lunchbox' amps to full 100 watt fire-breathing rock monsters. Custom designed cabinets are available, with matching coloured vinyl coverings. For hot-rodded tone with character and expression, EVH 5150 amps are the way to go.

Frequently Asked Questions about EVH 5150

Yes! We'd recommend the 50 watt 5150 EL34 head. Channels 2 and 3 give you that superb gain (channel 2 is less intense than previous models, which is welcome) whilst channel 1 brings the clearest, best quality sound yet from an EVH amp.
The 5150 Mk III has three channels: one clean and two overdrive.