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About ESP Left Handed Guitars

ESP and LTD produce a large number of their most popular instrument designs as left handed models. Fantastic guitars like the EC-1000 and the KH-202 are available to southpaw guitarists and we like to keep a large variety of these in stock. We know how annoying it can be for lefty players to make do with only a few choices. We want to give you as large a choice as possible when you are shopping for a new guitar.

Check out our range of left handed ESP guitars at your local guitarguitar store, or browse the full collection online.

Frequently Asked Questions about ESP Left Handed Guitars

Question: Which left handed ESP/LTD guitar is the most popular?
The most popular is the EC-1000 VB LH. The Kirk Hammett Signature KH-602 LH comes in second!
Question: Which artist models are available left handed?
There are actually lots of LTD artist model guitars available in left handed form. Some of the most popular include: Kirk Hammet's KH202 and 602, Alexi Laiho's Alexi 200, James Hetfield's Snakebyte and Iron Cross and Bill Kelliher's Sparrowhawk.
Question: Which guitarguitar stores keep stock of left handed ESP and LTD guitars?
We try hard to make sure every one of our UK stores has good stock levels of ESP/LTD guitars so you should be able to find a selection in every guitarguitar store. Having said that, they are a popular brand and we can't guarantee particular products in particular stores so please do call ahead to check availability!