Takamine G Series

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About Takamine G Series

Takemine G Series is an affordable range of non-Japanese guitars built to Takamine's designs. The instruments are made in other Far Eastern locations. Takamine G Series guitars have been a mainstay in the student to mid-priced acoustic guitar markets for a very long time. There is so much to like and so little to criticize, it's no wonder they do so well!

The Takamine G Series comprises a rich array of models from parlour and travel guitars through to the brand's famous FXC and NEX body shapes. Full jumbo bodies and acoustic basses are also included in the collection. Lots of different tonewoods and finish options are available to cater to every taste. What binds them together is the easy playability that Takamine is known for alongside their renowned reliability.

Are you are a performing acoustic guitarist? It's almost certain that Takamine have an ideal acoustic guitar for you somewhere in their G Series.


Why Should I Choose Takemine G Series?

  • Authentic Takamine sound
  • Beautifully made and affordable
  • Ideal for student players

Frequently Asked Questions about Takamine G Series

Question: What is the most popular Takamine G Series guitar?
The most popular Takamine G series guitar tends to go back and forth between the following two: the GD10-NS dreadnought in Natural and the GF15CE in Brown Sunburst. Both offer superb value for money and are solid, reliable instruments that feel and sound good.
Question: I want a good quality yet affordable guitar for playing live acoustic gigs. What can you recommend?
We would perhaps recommend something like the Takamine GF30CE. This utilizes the popular FXC body shape: it's like a grand auditorium but slightly smaller, thus reducing feedback problems. The body also has a Venetian cutaway for easy access to the upper frets. The GF30CE has a solid spruce top which we think increases the quality of the tone significantly. Takamine's TP-4TD preamp and pickup system delivers a clean and amplified sound. This guitar is available in a range of finishes including the lovely Brown Sunburst finish, our particular favourite.
Question: What is the most affordable Takamine acoustic with a solid top?
Currently, the most affordable Takamine G Series guitar with a solid top is the GN20-NS, which has a solid cedar top. This, however, has no pickup. If you need an electro model, we suggest checking out the GX18CE.
Question: What type of pickup systems do Takamine use in their G Series guitars?
Unlike many manufacturers, Takamine design and manufacture their own pickup and preamp systems. Their G Series guitars have different models depending on the guitar but one that we often come across is the TP-4TD unit.