Takamine 12 String Guitars

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About Takamine 12 String Guitars

Takamine 12 string guitars are used on stages all over the world. This famous brand is played by many of the world's top musicians. They offer a range of 12 string designs, based mainly on their existing 6 string designs.

Takamine use body shapes including the dreadnought, jumbo and others in the making of their 12 string models. These guitars are available as Japanese models or as their more affordable G series. Popular models include the GD30CE which is a cutaway dreadnought. Takamine make use of the most popular tonewoods including Cedar and Spruce for their solid tops. This brings out the best resonances and vibrations, leading to great tone.

Frequently Asked Questions about Takamine 12 String Guitars

Question: What type of pickup systems do Takamine use on their 12 string guitars?
They use a few different types but most of their models make use of the TP-4 system. This is a unit developed by Takamine themselves and is a very effective piece of gear!