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About Takamine Japan

Takamine Japan make some of the most beautiful acoustic guitars in the world. Handcrafted by expert luthiers using only traditional Japanese woodworking techniques, each of these guitars is a work of art. Takamine Japan are particularly sought after as acoustic guitars for live performance because of their incredible valve acoustic pickup systems which has made them the go-to choice for top musicians such as Bruce Springsteen and Glenn Frey.

Our Takamine Japan guitars come included with either a gig bag or a hard case.


Why Should I Choose Takamine Japan?

  • Exceptionally Well Made
  • Japanese Craft
  • Beautiful Designs

Frequently Asked Questions about Takamine Japan

Question: What is the Takamine Japan series?
The Takamine Japan Series are Takamine guitars that are made in Japan, with higher specifications and build quality than their Chinese made counterparts.
Question: Are Takamine made in Japan?
Takamine guitars are made in either China or Japan. The more expensive, luxury Takamine guitars are made in Japan.
Question: What does Takamine mean in Japanese?
Takamine in Japanese is a family name which means either "High Ridge" or "High Peak".