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About Native Instruments Software

Native Instruments software is some of the most powerful on the market.

Komplete hosts a large number of instruments, FX processing and samples. The sheer quality of these is outstanding. With synthesizers such as Massive, FM8 and Monark you're covered for those amazing sounds. Factor in programs including Battery and Polyplex for sampling, or Guitar Rig 5 for guitar processing and you have a one-stop shop for your production needs.

Native Instruments software will integrate perfectly with your recording software. All programs can be easily pulled up from your plug-in menu once installed. No matter your style, we can guarantee Komplete 12 has something in it for you!

Frequently Asked Questions about Native Instruments Software

Question: Is the software a download code?
With Komplete 12, you will receive a physical box containing a hard drive with all the software on it. You can install this straight to your computer at high speeds. This will save you from a tedious evening spent hugging your broadband router!