Ibanez 5 String Bass

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About Ibanez 5 String Bass

Ibanez 5 string basses are amongst the best-selling models that we stock. Ibanez have always been at the forefront of 'extended range' instruments and their SR range in particular has dominated the market for 5 string basses.

Ibanez offer a wide range of different 5 string bass designs. Most of these fall under the umbrella of either the SR range, which is a sleek, modern, contoured shape and the BTB range which spans a variety of eccentrically styled basses. These are available in all number of wood, finish and hardware combinations, showing off Ibanez's renowned flair for unusual and attention-grabbing designs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ibanez 5 String Bass

We carry a large selection - more in fact , than any other UK retailer - of Ibanez 5 stirng basses. Every guitarguitar store in the UK will have excellent stock of these, all up on the display walls ready to try and buy.
Funk and metal are the obvious two that spring to mind but in truth, anything goes! Funk players often like to play outside the box and those additional notes can prove to be a valuable asset to expression. Metal players, on the other hand, appreciate the lowness of the tuning and the extra heaviness that this implies. The low B is in tandem with the lowest string of a 7 string guitar so you often find these two instruments complementing each other.
Definitely! This is what a lot of six string basses are like, you get an extra string at either end. Some possible modification may be required though, particularly at the nut. A new one may required for handling what is a relatively large set of string changes.
The SR505 is our best selling Ibanez 5 string bass. Available in a range of finishes, this sturdy and attractive bass boasts a slim neck and excellent Bartonlini pickups to ensure a top grade feel and sound.