Music Man Majesty

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About Music Man Majesty

The Music Man Majesty is a unique and high spec guitar built for Dream Theater's John Petrucci. Devised as his perfect instrument, the Majesty blends ergonomics, features, performance and sound in a unique package that is unlike any other guitar.

Music Man Guitars in the Majesty range share a general shape and design but vary when it comes to construction materials and finishes. Each Majesty has a set of John's signature DiMarzio humbuckers fitted, a piezo pickup for quazi-acoustic sounds and an onboard booster for giving him extra kick during his solos.

An ultra flat fingerboard and a special design bridge ensure that performance is at the top of the list when it comes to the Majesty's priorities, followed by earth-shaking sound and otherworldly looks. The Majesty is available in many Music Man subdivisions including top end BFR models and affordable Sterling guitars.

Frequently Asked Questions about Music Man Majesty

Question: Does this guitar require a battery?
It does: the boost circuit needs a 9V PP3 battery to power it. Don't forget to take out the guitar lead when you've finished playing!
Question: Just how flat is the fingerboard radius?
The fingerboard radius is 17", which is significantly flatter than most standard fingerboards. The normal measurement is between 9.5" and 12". Flatter radii make technical guitar playing easier, proving that the Music Man Majesty is designed to stun audiences with laser-accurate playing!
Question: Where is the piezo pickup located?
The piezo pickup sits underneath the saddles in the bridge. The bridge itself is designed and manufactured specifically for Music Man Majesty guitars.
Question: Can the Majesty be set up to use both magnetic and piezo pickups at the same time?
Yes! The switch on the upper horn lets you select magnetic pickups, piezo pickup or a blend of both! The guitar has two outputs too so you can send each output to a different amp or amp/pa.