Music Man Majesty

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About Music Man Majesty

The Music Man Majesty is a feature packed guitar built to the specifications of Dream Theater's John Petrucci. The Majesty was created to meet the demands of this world class guitarist and takes an ergonomic approach for a perfectly balanced design. It is modern in style and is well suited to contemporary styles of playing.

The Music Man Majesty is made from the finest materials and features high specifications, making it a great choice for professional touring musicians. It features a pair of humbuckers and also has a piezo pickup for acoustic style sounds. A more affordable alternative is the Music Man Sterling Majesty while BFR models provide an extra special version of the Majesty.

Why Should I Choose a Music Man Majesty Guitar?

  • Created to meet the demands of John Petrucci
  • Extremely comfortable to play for extended periods of time
  • Features excellent hardware and provides many tonal choices

Frequently Asked Questions about Music Man Majesty

Question: Is a Music Man Majesty guitar any good?
Yes, the Music Man Majesty is a very good guitar thanks to its cutting-edge design and top quality components.
Question: What pickups are in Music Man Majesty guitars?
Music Man Majesty guitars feature a pair of DiMarzio humbucker pickups and a piezo pickup.
Question: Who plays a Music Man Majesty guitar?
Artists who play a Music Man Majesty guitar include John Petrucci, Jason Richardson, and Jared Dines.
Question: Can the Majesty be set up to use both magnetic and piezo pickups at the same time?
Yes! The switch on the upper horn lets you select magnetic pickups, piezo pickup or a blend of both! The guitar has two outputs too so you can send each output to a different amp or amp/pa.