Music Man BFR

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About Music Man BFR

Music Man BFR guitars are Ball Family Reserve: special, limited runs of Music Man guitars made with incredible alternative finishes and tonewoods. These quality guitars will be the prized jewel of any guitar collection and it could even be argued that they belong in a museum! They are strictly limited in numbers and can only be ordered through certain dealers.

As one of the UK's largest Music Man dealers, we are proud to carry these exclusive guitars. Each new shipment of Music Man BFR guitars from San Luis Obispo, California is cause for great excitement to us! If you love guitars and you love quality, there is no better option than a BFR Music Man.


Why Should I Choose Music Man BFR?

  • Made in the USA
  • Stunning looks
  • Fantastic EBMM quality

Frequently Asked Questions about Music Man BFR

Question: How limited is each run really?
They are VERY limited! Specific numbers vary but typically each BFR model is only available in 30-75 pieces each worldwide! They are also never recreated so act fast if you see one you like!
Question: How often are new batches of Music Man BFR instruments made available?
Music Man generally produce a fresh batch of BFR models (normally three guitars or basses) every month.