Music Man JP

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About Music Man JP

Ernie Ball Music Man JP guitars are a collection of signature models for Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci. Petrucci is one of the world's foremost 'shred' guitarists. His signature guitars are designed for extreme playing techniques.

Most Music Man JP guitars are fitted with special DiMarzio humbucker pickups. Most have 6 strings, though some have 7. Music Man JP guitars are renowned for their high quality components and build.

Music Man also make a range of JP models under their Sterling sub-brand. These are more affordable versions of well-known JP guitars. A selection of our Music Man JP guitars come included with a padded gig bag.


Why Should I Choose a Music Man JP Guitar?

  • As used by the man himself, Mr. John Petrucci
  • Outstanding playability
  • Available in a range of finish, spec and price levels
  • Stunning tones

Frequently Asked Questions about Music Man JP

Question: Where are the American Music Man JP guitars made?
They are made in the Music Man facility in San Luis Obispo, California.
Question: Which model of pickups do Music Man JP guitars have?
Since these guitars are John Petrucci's signature models, they contain Petrucci's signature pickups. The Sterling brand JP guitars have 'stock' pickups designed for the guitar. The American made Ernie Ball Music Man JP guitars all have DiMarzio pickups. The actual pickup models differ from model to model. Most JP16 models have DiMarzio Sonic Ecstacy pickups, whereas the JPXI 7 string has a DiMarzio Liquifire and a DiMarzio Crunch Lab. These are all John Petrucci signature model pickups.
Question: Is the Music Man Majesty a JP guitar?
No. The Music Man Majesty is a John Petrucci signature model, but it is separate and distinct from the JP guitars.