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Product Overview

The Micro BR is a popular pocket-friendly multitrack recorder with a surprising range of features considering it's size! This compact four track recorder runs on batteries (or opt... read more

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Product Overview

Manufacturer's ID: BR80

What we say:

The Micro BR is a popular pocket-friendly multitrack recorder with a surprising range of features considering it's size!

This compact four track recorder runs on batteries (or optional extra power supply) and has 1/4" jack inputs for an instrument and a mic. COSM modelling provides a wealth of in-built amp models and effects so you can plug your electric guitar straight in and dial up a BOSS-quality tone to record with, without the need for extra processing equipment.

There are built-in drum patterns too so you can play along to a proper beat and construct professional sounding demos in-box! The Micro BR saves it's data to a micro-SD card so you can easily transfer your data to a laptop or desktop computer and give your demoes the final polish.

To the left and right corners of the front of the unit you'll find a pair of stereo mics. Using these allows you to record directly into the Micro-BR with absolutely no additional gear! Keep a Micro-BR in your acoustic gig bag and next time inspiration strikes, you can immediately capture a performance by merely positioning the Micro-BR close by and playing directly into the mics. It's a very useful and welcome addition to an already handy unit.


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The newest MICRO BR is small enough to fit in a pocket, but contains features for pro-level music production. It offers two tracks of simultaneous WAV-format recording, eight tracks of playback, and 64 virtual tracks for advanced editing and mixdown. High-quality stereo condenser mics are built in for up to 500 hours of recording time (with optional 32 GB SDHC card) for capturing song ideas quickly and rehearsals. Also included are dedicated inputs for connecting a guitar, a microphone, or any stereo line-level device.

With a next-generation processor at its core, the BR-80 delivers incredible effects processing with uncompromised sound quality. Onboard are world-class COSM® guitar and bass effects, dedicated vocal effects derived from the VE-20 Vocal Performer, and a powerful suite of mastering effects. As with all BR-series recorders, effects are easy to dial in, letting users capture pro sounds with little effort. Power users can tweak the effects in detail via an extensive set of adjustable parameters.

To aid songwriting, the BR-80 has a full complement of backing rhythm tracks in a large variety of musical styles. The rhythms feature top-quality drum and percussion sounds and are organised into patterns designed for use in different song sections.

The BR-80 also offers an extensive set of features for music practice and jamming. eBand mode provides a huge library of backing tracks and rhythm patterns to play along with, and users can import their own WAV or MP3 songs. Variable speed playback, variable pitch, and A-B Repeat features enable players to learn riffs and practise songs in different keys and tempos. In addition, the Centre Cancel function allows users to minimise the sound of guitar solos and vocals in pre-recorded tracks.

A USB port lets musicians use the BR-80 as an audio interface with effects for computer-based recording, and also to import and export WAV and MP3 audio tracks. Powerful software is bundled with the BR-80, including Cakewalk’s SONAR X1 LE, the eBand Song List Editor, and the BR Wave Converter.