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About Boss Recording and Studio Equipment

Boss recording and studio equipment is available at guitarguitar to help you make professional sounding recordings. Boss' BR range of handy boxes are miniature multi-track recorders full of features that add sparkle and fun to your recordings. The BR range all feature drum programmes to play along to and they all run on batteries in addition to a power supply - you really can take them anywhere!

Frequently Asked Questions about Boss Recording and Studio Equipment

Question: Can I plug my guitar directly into the Boss BR units?
Yes you can. Each Boss BR unit has a selection of high quality COSM guitar preamps and effects available so you can plug your guitar directly into the unit and dial up some impressive tones!
Question: What is 'bouncing'?
Bouncing is a technique used in multi-track recording to create more space to record on. It's simple: on an 8 track, you would record 6 tracks onto individual tracks and then record those (after roughly mixing them) onto the two final tracks as a stereo track. This means you can go back to the original six tracks and record directly over them since they have been captured on that full stereo mix. Computers don't need to bother with this but it is a great trick for hardware multi-track recorders.