Tascam Multitrack Recorders

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About Tascam Multitrack Recorders

Tascam's multitrack recorders are born from decades of experience. They all feature CD quality recording, and save to an SD Card. You can use this to import the files to your PC to upload to Soundcloud, Bandcamp and so on. You can also use your computer to burn the files to CD.

From the humble Pocketstudio units, to the larger Portastudio models, there's a Tascam multitrack recorder for you!

Frequently Asked Questions about Tascam Multitrack Recorders

Question: Is an SD card included?
Yes, these units include an SD card. However, you may find you need to buy one with a larger memory later down the road.
Question: Can you use these systems to burn to CD?
While you cannot burn to CD from the units themselves, you can transfer the files to a PC that has this capability.