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About Tascam

Tascam have decades of experience in the recording industry. They are game-changing innovators and their Portastudio revolutionised home and portable recording. They started out with reel-to-reel and tape formats and they continue to be at the cutting edge of technology thanks to their years of knowledge.

Their current product range consists of many all-in-one recording solutions and related accessories such as microphones and interfaces. From the DP digital multitrack recorders to podcast recording and the handheld DR range, Tascam continues to inspire and facilitate music-making with consistently impressive high-quality results.

Why Should I Choose Tascam?

  • Decades of industry experience
  • Their products are designed to be feature-packed yet user friendly
  • Professional quality results

Frequently Asked Questions about Tascam

Question: Are Tascam considered high end?
Tascam does an admirable job of bringing high end features into affordable products that produce professional results.
Question: What do Tascam make?
Tascam specialise in making digital recorders, interfaces, microphones and other recording equipment.