Keeley Compressor Pedals

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About Keeley Compressor Pedals

Keeley compressor pedals are some of the best loved compressor pedals in the business. Keeley offer a few different versions with less or more controls. All of these pedals are hand made in the USA.

Compression is a very important effect for musicians. Keeley compressors offer high quality and lots of scope for sculpting your sound. Many professional players swear by these compressors.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Keeley Compressor Pedals

Question: Why are Keeley compressors so popular?
Well, everybody has their own ideas about what makes something good. The consensus around these compressors is that they allow a large amount of control without ever sounding like they are 'there'. Most people who work hard on their tone do not want to have a compressor stamp its own sound on top of things! Keeley products are also straightforward to use.
Question: Why is the two-knob Keeley compressor no longer available?
The two-knob compressor (as opposed to four knob) actually always had the four controls: two were hidden inside the pedal and accessible upon removing the back panel. Keeley found that most people just wanted these controls on top and decided to offer the pedal as a 4 control knob model only.