Stagg Stage Lighting

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About Stagg Stage Lighting

Stagg Stage Lighting brings the world of professional lighting to every performer. Their single lights and stage lighting rigs are easy to work with and can be used as stand alone lights or worked into your lighting rig. With features like sound activation that lets the light react in time to your music and standard DMX control that can link and sync the light into your system, Stagg stage lighting allows you to easily add a professional excitement to your stage show, without an extreme budget or advanced technical knowledge.


Why Should I Choose Stagg Stage Lighting?

  • Sound activated and DMX compatible
  • Compact and portable
  • Low heat generated from LEDs

Frequently Asked Questions about Stagg Stage Lighting

Question: Is Stagg stage lighting any good?
Yes, Stagg stage lighting uses innovative LED technology to deliver great looking and functional stage lights that are easy to use standalone or incorporate into your lighting system.
Question: Who uses Stagg stage lighting?
Professional function bands, touring DJs, small venues and theatre groups all commonly use Stagg stage lighting.