Kam Stage Lighting

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About Kam Stage Lighting

Kam Stage Lighting delivers great looking portable stage lighting that will add a dynamic excitement to your stage production. Because Kam stage lighting is LED based, it operates at a lower temperature compared to traditional bulb based par cans, which means your stage won't get unbearably hot even if you add multiple lighting rigs. Kam stage lights operate with several modes, can be controlled by remote, react to sound or even be chained into your DMX system for programmed lighting effects.


Why Should I Choose Kam Stage Lighting?

  • Looks great
  • Portable and easy to work with
  • Low operating temperature

Frequently Asked Questions about Kam Stage Lighting

Question: Is Kam Stage Lighting any good?
Yes, Kam delivers easy to operate stage lighting that looks great.
Question: Who uses Kam Stage Lighting?
Kam stage lighting is loved by mobile musicians and entertainers for its portable and easy to set up format.