Ibanez 6 String Bass

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About Ibanez 6 String Bass

6 string bass is an area that Ibanez excel in. Ibanez are a forward thinking company and progressive instruments like 6 string basses have always been an important part of their product development. Cutting edge players have always had an affinity with Ibanez so it is fitting that so many of these players choose Ibanez for their bass guitars.

Ibanez mainly divide their 6 string bass guitar designs between the SR and the BTB ranges with some amazing additional instruments available as part of their Bass Workshop range of elite & experimental basses.

At guitarguitar we keep stock of one of the largest selections of 6 string basses in the UK and the majority of these are Ibanez. Our range includes models with active electronics, through-neck construction and fanned fret technology. They utilise lots of traditional & exotic woods including Walnut, Ash, Poplar, Jatoba and Bubinga. We understand that choosing a 6 string bass is serious business. Come to the people who know them best - guitarguitar.


Why Should I Choose an Ibanez 6 String Bass Guitar?

  • Ibanez Build Quality
  • Fantastic Materials and Construction
  • Amazing Sound
  • Reliable

Frequently Asked Questions about Ibanez 6 String Bass

Question: What is a 6 string bass tuned to?
There are a few tunings available to the 6 string bassist but most use the following, from low to high: B, E, A, D, G, C.
Question: What famous players play Ibanez 6 string basses?
Stephen 'Thundercat' Bruner is the most high profile artist currently playing Ibanez 6 string basses.