Dunlop Cry Baby

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About Dunlop Cry Baby

The Dunlop Crybaby is the most popular Wah pedal in the world. The wah pedal, or wah-wah pedal as it used to be called, is a famous guitar effect. The Dunlop Crybaby is available in a huge variety of models. Crybaby pedals all operate in generally the same manner. A treadle pedal, rocked back and forth by the guitarist, creates the characteristic wah sound.

Some Crybaby pedals have extra features such as booster circuits, EQ controls, and multiple, switchable circuits with alternate parts to produce varying tones. Despite their similarities, all Crybaby pedals have their own distinct tone and performance. There is a Crybaby out there for every player!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Dunlop Cry Baby

Question: Which Crybaby model is the most popular?
The most popular Crybaby by far is the standard model, otherwise known as the GCB95.
Question: Did Jim Dunlop invent the Crybaby?
No, Crybaby wah pedals have been around since the 60s. Jim Dunlop bought the Crybaby rights in the early 80s when the opportunity arose. Dunlop have produced Crybabies ever since.