Dunlop Fuzz Pedals

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About Dunlop Fuzz Pedals

Dunlop Fuzz Pedals are some of the most popular guitar effects available. The fuzz face distortion is closely associated with the iconic tone of Jimi Hendrix and Dunlop have a selection of pedals available based around this, with vintage specs and the exact specifications needed for an incredible sound. There are also other Hendrix Dunlop Fuzz Pedals available such as the Shrine Series which showcases a range of classic fuzz sounds. ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons also has a signature Fuzz, as does Eric Johnson, showing that legendary rockers understand the importance of these great pedals. Dunlop are also known for their high quality build and reliability, making them an excellent choice for the performing and recording guitarist.

Why Should I Choose a Dunlop Fuzz Pedal?

  • An excellent selection of pedals including the legendary Fuzz Face
  • Ideal for creating smooth lead tones and thick, heavy rhythm sounds
  • Made to a high standard as we'd expect from Dunlop

Frequently Asked Questions about Dunlop Fuzz Pedals

Question: Are Dunlop fuzz pedals any good?
Yes, Dunlop fuzz pedals are some of the best and most popular fuzz pedals available. There is also an excellent selection to choose from meaning there is one to suit every style of playing.
Question: Who uses a Dunlop fuzz pedal?
Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour, Joe Bonamassa, Eric Johnson and Billy Gibbons have all used a Dunlop fuzz pedal to create their distinctive sound.
Question: Where are Dunlop fuzz pedals made?
Dunlop fuzz pedals are made at the Dunlop factory in the USA to very high standards.
Question: What is the best Dunlop fuzz pedal?
The Dunlop Fuzz Face pedal is the one of the most popular fuzz pedals they make thanks to its storied history and distinctive sound.