Fender Guitar Cases

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About Fender Guitar Cases

Fender Pro Series hard cases are classically styled, sturdy rectangular cases covered in either blonde tweed or black vinyl. Fully lockable, these cases feature an orange plush-lined interior, giving exceptional protection to your Strat or Tele, with extra wide neck support and a spacious area for your strap, tuner and other accessories. Treat yourself to a beautiful Fender case next time you visit us at one of our UK based guitarguitar stores.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Guitar Cases

Question: Can I use Fender cases for guitars that are not Fender?
Yes, as long as the guitar's shape is close to a Strat or Tele. Some of the more outlandish body shapes will be unable to fit this case and Les Paul-type guitars won't because of the neck pitch and back angled headstock. However, most 'standard' electric guitars will fit just fine. If in doubt, contact us!
Question: Are Fender Pro Series cases lockable?
Yes, they are. You will find lockable catches at either side of the case opening with a non lockable one in the centre.