Drum Stools / Thrones

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About Drum Stools / Thrones

Drum stools and thrones are an essential factor in making you feel relaxed and confident while playing. They need to be sturdy, adjustable and comfortable.

There are two types of drum stools: a drum throne with a round, flat seat and thrones with a motorbike saddle-style seat. There’s no right or wrong choice between them, it all depends on personal preference. You can also get drum thrones with a backrest if you need lower back support while playing. How sturdy the drum throne is depends on the bracing. Single-braced drum thrones are affordable but more likely to collapse whereas double-braced drum thrones are much more reliable.

Why Should I Choose a Drum Stool / Throne?

  • Relaxed and confident playing
  • Plenty of choice for comfort
  • Drum stools are adjustable

Frequently Asked Questions about Drum Stools / Thrones

Question: How high should my drum throne be?
For the most comfortable drum throne height, set your throne so that your hips are slightly higher than your knees. This tends to be the best position for using the pedals while maintaining a steady upper body.
Question: How do you pick a drum throne?
The main difference between drum thrones is how sturdy they are and how comfortable they are. Sturdiness is something objective and will depend on the materials used and how they are braced. Finding the most comfortable drum throne however is subjective but it’s important to choose something you will be comfortable practicing on for hours. Some premium drum stools have memory foam and shock absorbers for a blissful playing experience!