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About the Epiphone Texan

The Epiphone Texan is a reissue of a 1960s slope shouldered acoustic guitar. Epiphone have included lots of beautiful vintage details like period-correct fingerboard inlays. This guitar is made with a solid Spruce top to produce a sound of high quality.

Frequently Asked Questions about Epiphone Texan Guitars

Question: Is the Epiphone Texan an electro-acoustic?
It is! The Epiphone Texan comes with a factory installed Shadow Nanoflex pickup and preamp section to allow for gigging or playing through an amplifier.
Question: Was the Epiphone Texan originally a Gibson design?
Actually no! The Texan has always been an original design by Epiphone and this reissue is very close to the 1960s original.
Question: Is a solid top important?
It certainly is: the top, or 'soundboard' is the most significant piece of body timber. More than the back or sides, it is the resonation and vibration of the guitar's top that determines a great deal of the guitar's tone and indeed volume. Every element plays an important part of course but it is agreed that a solid top is a significant specification in acoustic guitar making.