ESP 8 String Guitars

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About ESP 8 String Guitars

ESP 8 string guitars are prominent tools in modern metal music. Many significant artists in this field choose ESP for their main instruments. ESP's other brand, LTD are also massive in this area. LTD guitars bring these legendary designs in at a more affordable price.

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Frequently Asked Questions about ESP 8 String Guitars

Question: Do ESP use longer baritone scale lengths with their 8 string models?
Yes. Depending on the model, ESP/LTD use a longer baritone scale of 26.5" or 27" to compensate for the lower, slacker strings. Certain ESP guitars also use a multiscale system. They have a scale length that changes from 25.5" to 27" within the one instrument.
Question: Where are LTD guitars made?
Most LTD guitars are made in Korea. The most inexpensive models come from Indonesia.