Jackson 8 String Guitars

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About Jackson 8 String Guitars

Jackson 8 string guitars follow the same principal as the brand's 7 string guitars by being available in a number of recognisable body shapes such as the Soloist and the Dinky. Lots of progressive and extreme players require the extended pitches available on 8 string guitars and Jackson have wisely incorporated this thinking into their range.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Jackson 8 String Guitars

Question: What scale length do Jackson 8 string guitars use?
Jackson use the slightly elongated scale length of 26.5" for their 8 string guitars. This helps intonation and maintains string tension more effectively.
Question: Do Jackson offer any multi-scale guitars?
Yes they do! Have a look for the arched top Dinky models from the X series called the DKAF7 MS (7 string) and the DKAF8 MS (8 string).