Jackson 7 String Guitars

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About Jackson 7 String Guitars

Jackson 7 string guitars bring quality and style to the extended range market. Jackson make 7 string guitars in a plethora of their most famous styles including the Dinky and the Randy Rhoads. These guitars are available at a wide variety of price points to reflect the different levels of hardware and build quality available throughout the Jackson line.

Guitarists looking to increase the sonic range of their instrument will be able to rely on the high level of build quality that Jackson are famous for, from the most affordable X Series model to the most high end Artist Signature guitar. Playability, sound and sleek physical styling set Jackson 7 string guitars apart from the rest. At guitarguitar, we fully understand the requirements of 7 string guitarists and as authorised Jackson dealers, we know the brand inside out. We keep the best range of Jackson 7 string guitars in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jackson 7 String Guitars

Question: Do Jackson use active or passive pickups with their 7 string guitars?
Jackson use a wide variety of pickups in their 7 string guitars, both passive and active. For example, the JS range 7 strings have Jackson branded passive humbuckers and the Juggernauts have passive Bare Knuckle Ragnarock pickups. Other models use active Seymour Duncan Blackout pickups. If in doubt, get in touch or call into one of our shops for some advice!
Question: What is the most popular Jackson 7 string?
The Jackson Pro Misha Mansoor Juggernaut HT 7 in Oceanburst is our most popular Jackson 7 string guitar.
Question: Are Jackson 7 strings difficult to play?
There is a period of adjustment to be sure, mostly in terms of rewiring your brain for first position chords and scales. Most of the players who are interested in 7 string guitars will be willing to suffer this for the subterranean sonic benefits though! Persevere for a few weeks and you may just surprise yourself with how quickly you get used to one. Jackson 7 strings have beautiful slim necks and flat compound radius fingerboards to make the experience as easy and rewarding as possible.
Question: What Jackson body shapes are available as 7 string guitars?
Jackson 7 string guitars are available in the following shapes: Dinky, Soloist, Juggernaut, King V, Monarkh, Randy Rhoads and Warrior.
Question: What scale length are most Jackson 7 string guitars?
Whilst Jackson do offer some Baritone models in their USA range, almost all Jackson 7 string guitars have a 25.5" scale length.