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About Jackson Randy Rhoads

The Jackson Randy Rhoads is an immediately recognisable 'shape' guitar that was originally designed by the late Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Randy Rhoads. His desire for a fresh take on the Flying V brought him to Grover Jackson, who released the resulting instrument as the very first model named under the Jackson guitars moniker.

This fresh and iconic design is one of Jackson's best loved guitar shapes. The aggressive and streamlined 'shark fin' style sums up much of the Jackson brand's attitude: sleek, hot-rodded and unafraid to be different.

Today, there are many Randy Rhoads models available in the Jackson catalogue. Frequently shortened to RR, the model is available at all price points from the extremely affordable JS series to the more high end Pro Series and beyond. Available with or without a locking Floyd Rose tremolo, the Jackson Randy Rhoads clearly states its hard rock credentials with its sharp shape, pointed headstock, flat radius fingerboard and high powered pickups.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Jackson Randy Rhoads

Question: Which Randy Rhoads model is the most popular?
The Jackson RR Pro Series Rhoads in Gloss Black is the most popular Randy Rhoads model. It has an Ebony fingerboard and Seymour Duncan pickups, bringing a huge amount of quality to the table.
Question: I'm looking for a mid priced Rhoads model with a locking tremolo and preferably a reverse headstock. Are there any models like this?
Yes, you need the Jackson Randy Rhoads RRX24. This incredible guitar has 24 frets, a Floyd Rose tremolo, active Seymour Duncan pickups and, most importantly, is available in a range of finishes including an option for Black with Neon Pink Bevels!
Question: Do any other companies make Randy Rhoads guitars?
No, Randy Rhoads worked exclusively with Grover Jackson. Only Jackson make Randy Rhoads guitars.
Question: Is the Jackson Randy Rhoads guitar difficult to play?
It's actually much easier than a regular Flying V-style guitar! Playing it in a standing up position is no problem and sitting down to play is made easier than with other V-types due to the shortened bottom 'fin'. We do realise that ergonomics weren't much of a concern in the design of this particular guitar but the shape doesn't present as much of a problem as you may at first expect.
Question: Who was Randy Rhoads?
Randy Rhoads was a superb and highly influential lead guitarist who was famously plucked from his band, Quiet Riot, to play in Ozzy Osbourne's band in the early 80s. His glittering career was cut tragically short after he was killed in a horrific crash involving a small aeroplane and his tour bus. He remains a huge figure to many of today's greatest hard rock and metal guitarists and is sadly missed.