Music Rests

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About Music Rests

Music rests are an essential accessory for keyboards. They fit into keyboards rather than being on a separate stand. They can be replacement parts but many keyboards are not sold with music rests but as an optional extra. The benefit of a music rest like this is that they can be removed for travel and live performance, rather than being permanently fitted.

We stock music rests from a number of different keyboard brands including Yamaha, TOURTECH and Nord.


Why Should I Use a Music Rest?

  • Indispensable for displaying your sheet music and notations for live use
  • Allows for easy, hands free display
  • Displays your sheet music in a more natural playing position

Frequently Asked Questions about Music Rests

Question: What is a music rest?
A music rest is a stand which allows you to display your sheet music or notations for easy live use, without compromising your natural playing position.
Question: When would I use a music rest?
When you need to display sheet music, notation or chord charts to read while you play, without compromising your natural playing position.
Question: Which music rest is best?
Best is tricky and depends on the situation, but certainly our most popular freestanding model is the Tourtech TTS-MUC5T Orchestral music stand.