Keybaord & Piano Stools

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About Keyboard & Piano Stools

It’s surprising how much your playing can be affected by the keyboard and piano stools use. A good quality adjustable stool can guarantee you will play with confidence, comfort and composure.

Keyboard and piano stools come in two main categories: collapsible and non-collapsible. Collapsible keyboard and piano stools are perfect for live performance because they are lightweight and you can pack them away easily to travel. They are not particularly sturdy however. If you know that you will only need a keyboard or piano stool for home use them a traditional wooden bench would be much better. These can have leather benches, adjustable height and include storage for sheet music.

At guitarguitar, we stock a range of quality keyboard and piano stools from Roland, Stagg, Tourtech and many more.


Why Should I Choose a Keyboard or Piano Stool?

  • A good stool will support your playing no end.
  • Encourage good posture and technique.
  • Models suitable for at home or on stage.

Frequently Asked Questions about Keybaord & Piano Stools

Question: What is the correct height for a keyboard or piano?
The standard height from the floor to the top of the keys for an acoustic piano is 28 ½”. Many pianos deviate from this standard but not more than an inch. This is generally seen as the best height for adult players. If you’re setting up a keyboard stand at home, feel free to place the keyboard at any height you feel comfortable but the general rule of thumb will be to aim for around the height of an acoustic piano.
Question: Why do piano benches not have backs?
There are a couple of reasons why piano benches don’t have backs. Firstly, sitting bolt upright means you’ll find it easier to reach the full range of the piano as well as having free control of your feet for the pedals. Secondly, it is simply easier to tuck them beneath the piano while not in use.
Question: What size is a piano bench
The traditional piano bench is 30” wide and 19” high. These days keyboard and piano benches come in all different shapes and sizes depending on your travel or space requirements. We stock stools as narrow as 12 inches!