Headset Microphones

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About Headset Microphones

Whether you’re drumming in an arena or leading your aerobics class, headset microphones are essential for a wide variety of performers.

Headset microphones are necessary in a number of different live performance situations. Singing drummers and multi-instrumentalists, DJs and fitness instructors all rely on hands-free headset microphones to allow for a full range of movement.

Headset microphones are small microphones which come with a head attachment which allows you to amplify your voice without needing to hold a microphone. They are not wireless but often come bundled with wireless transmitters and receivers for truly free movement while also delivering stunning sound quality.


Why Should I Choose a Headset Microphone?

  • Hands-free
  • Stunning sound quality
  • Often bundled with wireless packs

Frequently Asked Questions about Headset Microphones

Question: What is a headset microphone?
A headset microphone is a small dynamic or condenser microphone with an attachment you can wear on your head. These are designed for performers who need a full range of motion like multi-instrumentalists and fitness instructors.
Question: Are headset microphones wireless?
Headset microphones are not wireless but often come bundled with wireless transmitters and receivers.
Question: Can I use the headset mics you sell for gaming?
These headset microphones are for pro audio use intended for live performance and public address. They are not suitable for gaming.