USB Microphones

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About USB Microphones

USB Microphones are a convenient recording solution that provide excellent sound quality. A USB mic is well suited to those who want to record quickly and easily since they don't require the use of an external audio interface like a traditional XLR mic would. We stock some of the best USB microphones available from top brands such as Shure, Rode, M-Audio, and Marantz.

Many are condenser microphones designed for recording podcasts, vocals, or live streaming. As with other types of microphones, different recording patterns are available, such as a cardioid recording pattern which is good for recording voices. Some can have omnidirectional capabilities as well as features such as a mic stand mount, headphone volume controls, and a gain control/gain knob. With excellent recording capabilities and professional quality audio, it is no wonder that USB microphones are such a popular choice.

Why Do I Need a USB Microphone?

  • A convenient and easy way to record
  • Ideal for live streaming and podcasts as well as vocals and instruments
  • A selection of models available from top brands to suit all budgets

Frequently Asked Questions about USB Microphones

Question: Are USB microphones any good?
Yes! USB microphones are a convenient way of achieving professional quality audio in a user-friendly way.
Question: Which is the best USB microphone?
The Rode NT-USB+ and the Shure MV7 are some of the best options available.
Question: What USB microphone do I need?
If you are starting out or on a budget then something like the M-Audio Uber Mic 2 would be a great choice. If you are looking to obtain the best quality audio possible then something like the Rode NT-USB+ or the Shure MV7 would fit your needs.
Question: What should I look for when buying a USB microphone?
Key things to consider would be what recording patterns are available, if you need built-in features such as controls on the USB mic, and to make sure that it will be compatible with your computer system.