Ribbon Microphones

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About Ribbon Microphones

Ribbon Microphones are extremely sensitive but offer advantages not provided by standard condenser microphones. Ribbon mics work by using a small strip of electrically conductive ribbon to capture sound and are typically bidirectional, meaning that they pick up sounds from either side of the microphone. These are very useful microphones for giving a warm natural sound and are regularly used for vocals and a wide range of instruments.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ribbon Microphones

Question: Do I need to use a Pop Filter with a Ribbon Microphone?
Definitely! Because ribbon mics are fragile in nature, care needs to be taken not to cause impacts to the ribbon. This includes blowing/breathing into the microphone.
Question: Do I need to use Phantom Power with a Ribbon Microphone?
Some ribbon mics will accept Phantom Power as a way of boosting the signal. However, other ribbon microphones will be damaged by running power into them, so it is very important to read the manual and specifications before using the microphone.