Zoom Microphones

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About Zoom Microphones

We stock a wide range of Zoom microphones. This includes lavalier microphones, podcast microphones and capsule attachments for their handheld recorders. Whatever the application, there’s a Zoom microphone that can provide high-quality audio to meet your requirements.


Why Choose a Zoom Microphone?

  • Options for many applications
  • Reliable build quality
  • High sound quality

Frequently Asked Questions about Zoom Microphones

Question: Are Zoom microphones good for podcasting?
Absolutely. Options like the ZDM-1 PMP Podcast Mic Pack are designed specifically for this purpose. This is a great pack that includes a bunch of accessories too, all at an affordable price.
Question: Which Zoom microphone is best for recording foley sounds?
Zoom’s handy recorders are great for recording foley or found sounds. Capsule attachments such as XYH-5 made a great companion to these. This allows you to record stereo audio in high quality.
Question: Where are Zoom microphones made?
Zoom microphones are developed at their headquarters in Japan, and manufactured in China.