Sigma 000M-15

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About Sigma 000M-15

The Sigma 000M-15 is an extremely popular acoustic guitar model. Based closely on the design and style of the Martin 00015, this excellent Sigma interpretation is made with a solid Mahogany top for a strong and pleasant tone.


Why Should I Choose Sigma 000M-15?

  • Beautiful Looks
  • Traditional Design
  • Amazing Tonewoods
  • Great Price

Frequently Asked Questions about Sigma 000M-15

Question: Why is the Sigma 000m 15 so popular?
There are many plus points to this great guitar so the reasons for its popularity are numerous really! The shape is compact, making it a good size for people of all sizes; the bracing inside is effective, meaning the instrument is quite loud and resonant; the neck is very comfortable to play on and the value is great, considering it has a solid Mahogany top. Match all that to a cool 'depression era' Mahogany look that is becoming iconic and you have yourself a winner!
Question: What does the '000' in the title refer to?
This describes the body size and is a direct borrow from Martin guitars, who name their different body sizes as 0, 00, 000 etc. 000 guitars are often known as Grand Auditorium models.
Question: What does the '15' refer to?
This is another reference to Martin guitars. The 15 series came about during the Great Depression that followed the stock market crash of 1929 in America. Mahogany was a widely available and inexpensive wood back then (unlike today) and Martin were able to make a range of quality all-Mahogany guitars that could be sold at a much more economical price than their usual Maple and Rosewood guitars. The 15 series outlasted the Depression as the instruments sounded great and looked superb. They were also quite distinctly different from what was otherwise available. These modern day Sigma guitars use the Martin 15 series as a blueprint and have therefore incorporated the '15' into their own names.
Question: Can I get a 000M-15 Sigma with a pickup?
Yes you can! The Sigma 000M-15E+ is the model you want. It has a Fishman pickup system with onboard preamp to provide you with an excellent plugged in live sound.
Question: What is the Sigma 000m 15 series?
The Sigma 000M 15 Series is a popular acoustic guitar model that is based on the old Martin 00015. The Sigma interpretation of this classic design is made with a solid mahogany top which gives it a wonderful tone.